Semicured Blended Cheese

A cheese made with high-quality cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, subjected to careful coagulation and press moulding with a cotton cloth. During curing, the cheese is subjected to the natural development of mould on the rind and to two olive oil baths; these processes are responsible for the delicate final aroma. Tasting note: This is a cheese with a fine, savoury taste; with a pleasant, delicate aroma; pale ivory in colour and with a firm texture with small, well-distributed eyes.

Natural rind, rubbed with olive oil

This cheese is made with the mix of cow´s (60% min), sheep´s (20% min) and goat´s milk (6% min) using sheep’s rennet.

Aged during 2 months in our maturity chambers.

We let grow moulds on the surface of the cheese. During the ripening process the cheese is brushed and rubbed several times with Olive Oil. The enzymes released by the mould during the Affinage, coupled with the Olive Oil, provide our cheeses a great flavour and character.

This cheese has a fine tasty flavour, with a pleasant and delicate fragance. Pale ivory colour, the texture is firm and with small and well distributed holes.

Conservation tips

Cheese is a living product. If you want to avoid an excessive mould proliferation, we recommend:

  • Keep the cheese between 2 and 10°C, without a very high humidity.
  • Remove the plastic of the pallet to create a good atmosphere and don´t increase the humidity.
  • Place the cases in a way the holes are free (from these holes the cheese breathe)

As our cheese has not been treated with nasty chemicals, mould may appear again as when it was in our maturity chambers. When needed the cheese can be cleaned, only a towel is needed to brush the mould away.

Also available in wedge 180 gr. and sliced wedge 200 gr.

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