Soft Blended Cheese Block

Elaborated from a perfect combination of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk.

The Soft Blended Cheese Block Los Cameros is the best choice for those who love genuine flavours.

The mixture of cow´s (76% min), sheep´s (6% min) and goat´s milk (3% min), provides a special bouquet for people loving stronger flavours.

For the preparation of this product, the cheese master uses calf´s rennet.

Tasting Notes: This cheese has a soft and delicate flavour, with a pleasant fragance of fresh milk and ivory white color. The texture is spongy and with many holes.

Conservation tips

  • Best consume at room temperature to enjoy its full flavours.
  • For storage over 3 hours, it must be refrigerated (Between 2 and 10°C).

Also available in Slices 200 g

Soft blended cheese block in sliced display

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World Cheese AwardsCincho

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