Soft Blended Cheese

Made from a perfect combination of cow’s, goat’s and ewe’s milk. This is a mild, delicate cheese with a pleasant aroma of fresh milk, ivory white in colour and with a spongy texture with many eyes.

"Los Cameros" blended cheese block is the best choice for those who love genuine flavours.

The mixture of cow´s (76% min), sheep´s (6% min) and goat´s milk (3% min), provides a special bouquet for people loving stronger flavours.

For the preparation of this product, the cheese master uses calf´s rennet.

This cheese has a soft and delicate flavour, with a pleasant fragance of fresh milk and ivory white color. The texture is spongy and with many holes.

Conservation tips

Best consume at room temperature to enjoy its full flavours.

For storage over 3 hours, it must be refrigerated (Between 2 and 10°C).

Also available in slices 200 grams

Soft blended cheese block in sliced display

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