Light Soft Cow Cheese

This cheese has a fine, exquisite taste, despite its low fat and low salt content, made from pasteurised cow’s milk (skimmed) with a pleasant, delicate aroma, pale ivory in colour and with a compact, uniform texture with no eyes. All the taste with fewer calories and less salt.

This product is made with 100% skimmed cow milk of high quality using calf´s rennet.

A cheese made with great care, getting a slower draining of the whey and developing a more special flavour, with a low content of calories.

This cheese has a fine and delicious flavour, with a pleasant and delicate aroma and pale ivory color. The texture is compact, uniform and without holes. It is very comfortable for cutting machine, because the slices do not stick or break.

Conservation tips

Best consume at room temperature to enjoy its full flavours.

For storage over 3 hours, it must be refrigerated (Between 2 and 10°C).

Also available in slices 200 grams

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