P.D.O. Queso Camerano


A centuries-old recipe for the goat cheese which was formerly produced in La Rioja. The development of surface mould during the affinage, and the olive oil baths, give this cheese a perfect aroma and are responsible for its colour on maturing.

Created by the master cheesemaker Francisco Javier Martinez, we present our rediscovery of the ancient recipe for the goat cheese made for centuries in La Rioja.

This product is made using goat’s milk from farms in La Rioja that belongs to the P.D.O. Queso Camerano, following a traditional recipe and always using goat rennet.

Tasting Notes: This is a full flavour, very intense and slightly lactic cheese. Deep fragrance of natural ripening, with hints of goat, wild herb and natural cave. Off-white colour, with a firm and slightly oily texture. Rind finely marked by the cilla (a traditional wicker mold).

 With this cheese, we invite you to taste the gastronomical heritage from La Rioja.

Conservation tips

Cheese is a living product. If you want to avoid an excessive mould proliferation, we recommend:

  • Keep the cheese between 2 and 10°C, without a very high humidity.
  • Remove the plastic of the pallet to create a good atmosphere and don´t increase the humidity.
  • Place the cases in a way the holes are free (from these holes the cheese breathe)
  • As our cheese has not been treated with nasty chemicals, mould may appear again as when it was in our maturity chambers. When needed the cheese can be cleaned, only a towel is needed to brush the mould away.

A cheese awarded by...

World Cheese AwardsWorld Championship Cheese Contest 3rd best goat cheese ripened with moldsInternational Dairy CompetitionPremios Tabefe FuerteventuraGourmetQuesos 2018

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