A philosophy that provides an exclusive cheese

Cheeses made with the dedication of artisanal techniques, combined with the guarantees and opportunities for a better life offered by the know-how of today. Only in this way we can all enjoy the best things in life, whenever we wish.


At Los Cameros Cheese, we believe that our cheeses have a unique and simple mission: Help you to toast for a better life, a life made of good things done with care.

At Los Cameros Cheese we are committed to the Rioja region’s tradition of providing high quality, along with its desire to perfect the legacy that springs from its soil while looking towards the future with optimism.

Traditionally made cheese

Traditional recipes

At Los Cameros Cheese we use the union of the traditional production methods and the passion for providing an exclusive, artisanal and natural cheese to our clients.

This approach has allowed us to maintain the identity we have from the very start, reflecting the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

That is why we still use the same traditional recipes that our parents used when they started the company. It also means that we still use high quality, 100% natural raw materials, as well as natural rennet, in the preparation of our products.

Every day we collect milk with our own trucks, no more than 120 km away, which ensures the freshness and quality of the milk, while also allow us to establish personal ties with our cattle-breeders and make them be part of our project.

With a traditional French method we develop the natural rind of our cheeses. We let grow affinage moulds on the surface of the cheese. During the ripening process the cheese is brushed and rubbed several times with olive oil. The enzymes released by the mould during the affinage, coupled with the olive oil, provide our cheeses the perfect bouquet.

Elaboration of natural cheese

Naturally Cured Cheese

Natural rinds and olive oil baths

At Los Cameros Cheese, we mature our products in a natural way.  We let grow affinage moulds on the surface of the cheese, which we combine with baths of olive oil.  At last, they provide us the natural rind that you find in our cheese.

Olive oil is the most natural anti-mould agent there is, and when we apply it to our cheeses it creates a protective barrier. If we didn’t limit the mould’s growth, it would spread uncontrollably. The enzymes released by the mould during the affinage, coupled with the olive oil, provide our cheeses its characteristic flavour and final bouquet.

Although we prepare our cheeses to ensure they only have a minimal amount of mould when they go on sale, sometimes a small amount of mould can still be found in the rind. This is the natural evolution of the curing process of cheese; which, after all, is a “living” product. Simply use a damp cloth, or one with a little added olive oil, to remove the mould, and then you are ready to taste the cheese.

However the Spanish regulations gives us the guidelines, we think that the maturations are the result of the time, that is why we leave our cheeses more time into our cellars to continue their ripening process.